Behind Home


I think we are in a time where people's worlds are increasingly taken up by only those who exist in their bubble, offline and online. This leads to a damaging lack of understanding and empathy between communities who should collaborate to eradicate the problems facing them.

The problem of these siloed groups needs to be tackled in ways that are as new and engaging as the causes of it (social media and digital content products, to be precise). Behind Home has real promise to be one such solution that can connect these communities and bridge the gaps between them.


1st HOME

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phase 0

The Behind Home Project collates the stories and struggles of residents in communities, deriving key localised causes and developing bridges to resolution. This project works to provide transparency to neighbourhood concerns and implement opportunities for strategically targeted solutions for issues that leave our communities, neighbourhoods, families and kids letting go of their hopes and feeling alien in the place they once called home.

phase 1

The Community

Touching base with the neighbourhood and documenting the stories, struggles and successes of that community.


Using photography and mixed reality these neighbourhood stories are documented. Allowing this process and journey to be embarked on by the general public of London. Challenging the scope of how we consider empathy being achieved.

phase 2

The Day

Bringing together this local community into one key location to laugh, relax, enjoy and open up.


Using numerous businesses, charities and community invested groups to run arts, food and sports events in a Neighbourhood Fun Day.


phase 3

The Report

Silent conflicts are uncovered and placed on a platform for discussion.


A bespoke report detailing the unheard issues of this neighbourhood and recommend next steps


phase 4

The Collision

bringing together residents, council members and businesses to address each others issues / concerns.


A design sprint hackathon set on the key conflicts faced from the report.


phase 5

The Solution

Collective appreciation of paths being made to bridge the gap between struggle and peace


Piloted solutions emerge on the ground post 2-3 months of hackathon

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phase 6


Bridging the gap between fringe groups


Running Exhibitions - Taking the stories, struggles and successes of the residents and retelling them through immersive VR/XR and photography